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Winter Nights

by Winter Nights

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Cold like a stone rise to the unknown I now drown in despair when December burns Locked in one’s mind my state of being, denial Drag me away with your toxin this bliss lasts just for one moment What’s left of this world? Where’s your true purpose? These flames seem to wait atop a hill Breath to the wind I’m built up with sin What can you find beneath my ashes? See hope in others’ eyes this earth leaves nothing to thrive living beside the dead upon stacks of burial mounds My skin starts to boil The stench is too grim to bear But now there's no turning back I will not perish in dissent Cold like a stone Rise to the unknown I now drown in despair When December burns Where's your god? Where's your faith when we all die the same? The smoke now rises, the sky turns pale This is my end, my farewel l Your life leaves nothing for me Burn me again and again I stand alone on this hill Flames succumb all around Black like coal In the unknown I now burn In December
I'm Crawling through earth and through stone I gasp for one last breath of your innocent silence Covered in dirt I know you bare this hurt alone Contemplating suicide A look inside this tangled mind A noose that hangs six feet high Can you see it sway? The clouds now merge With obscure shades of grey The fields then burn With the smell of decay What more can be said For a wind thats passed This unspoken whisper Lingers in smoke as dead eyes stare down! I drown my tears over flames That vanish snow And I can't fight the dark that's consumed me My sanity has left me here. Oh, I'm starved for your energy My knees to the dirt One last thought No life, no light to shine I’m starved for your energy now Oh, I'm Starved for you energy now These winter winds howled, The night you went down These grounds stood frozen, As moonlight burned, you were chosen! Can you now grasp What I've portrayed in grief, My despair will not be the end To this road that we've all bled upon Can you hear me now when I scream, I'm crawling through fire, through ash and through stone The noose has been tightened, Free me again 'Cause I'm starved for your energy now.
Withdrawals 04:11
Another world awaits Where your fate lies Beyond this grave (Darkness) Last night I watched the sun die Several times did the sky flash An eerie warmth it blackened my soul These icy chills with the whispers from death Two implosions fade When worlds collide We all die Though Here i stand, Stone through my hands Above this burning pyre Roads black with shadow Withdrawals from this life Withdrawals an ending that's overwritten Forgive not for what you have done A guilty past holds no merit Here on this night Now Here i fall Ravens hear my calls Beneath this soaring flame Skies black with shadow Withdrawals from this life Withdrawals this ending that's overwritten Now we all die, Tonight
Today I felt the rain Peel back my face From skin to Veins Frozen, numb These maggots now coil Beneath old soil So hear me now Cut bone to limb Bury me inside this unmarked grave Please hold your tongue Piss where I lay Bury me inside this unmarked grave Falling down, This head towards the sky The poison runs dry Six feet deep These shivers now seep You may not weep So hear me now Cut bone to limb Bury me inside this unmarked grave Please hold your tongue Piss where I lay Bury me inside this unmarked grave Shadows of the past Free us of hell no more What lies to the mire For the fallen eyes Please bury me here Oh in this unmarked grave
Never more will shadows cast on this land Down with your precious rays Emit what you will Can you see the stars have been aligned? Perpetually doomed before B.C. What Christ you say? My darkness will overtake eternal bliss We will drain your every existence And we now forge the steps to black sky Moonlight takes control the day the sun died So you see the light is blind, Frantically, Heed my call What faith you say? Destroy all remnants of the past Your age is ready for extinction And we now forge the steps to black sky Moonlight takes control the day the sun died We will drain your every existence The final death
Encounters 05:19
There’s fire in the sky Signs of life are reaching out We’re not alone in this world They're here to disprove your doubt Why must we hate? They're here to free your faith Visitors of planet earth will destroy all from birth Encounters of the frozen earth, Are coming to kill your world My encounters of the frozen north, Are here to kill you all How can we survive In this world of shit? They look down on us Mankind shall quit I’m torn between Which side to pick One wound is lit The other won’t admit What is it You’re searching for? These friends of mine Are enemies of yours All the wars Of past and present Show no strength We shall have no mercy


"If you took a deep breath right before free falling off a cliff in the pouring rain with a glimmer of sunshine trying to come through dark clouds only to fall into a dark hole and wake up crawling all fours on cold soil with snow falling in a dark moonlight forest"


released July 31, 2020

This album was recorded between 2015 and 2018 at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn, New York

All songs by: Winter Nights
All Lyrics by: Jeremy Farfan

Engineered by:
Oliver Palomares: Encounters and Unmarked Grave
Dakota Bowman: Starved For Energy, Withdrawals, When December Burns, and Day The Sun Died

Mixed By: Neil Kernon
Mastered By: Alan Douches of West West Side Music
All Artwork By: Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art design
Logo By: Luis Hermosilla at Luigiht Design

Album line-up:

Jeremy Farfan: Vocals and Guitar
Efrain Farfan: Guitar and Vocals
Martin Tune: Bass
Andrew Lobosco: Drums on Encounters, Unmarked Grave, and Starved For Energy
Manolo Estrada: Drums on Withdrawals, When December Burns, and Day The Sun Died


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Winter Nights Brooklyn, New York

Winter Nights is a Melodic Death Metal band from New York City, founded in 2007. Whether you feel like kicking your bosses Arse or jumping off a bridge today, Winter Nights is here to help with Bone Crushing Melodic Death Metal.

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